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5 Tips to Improve ASP.NET Application Performance

Web application is designed to handle hundreds and thousands of requests per seconds so to handle these requests effectively and successfully it is important to resolve any potential performance bottlenecks. Now we will state some tips that improve the performance of your web application. 1 - Cache Commonly used objects You can cache commonly used objects in ASP.Net using Cache class that provides an extensive caching mechanism that storing resources and allow you to: Define an expiration for a cached object either by specified a TimeSpan or a fixed DateTime . Define priority for cached objects. when there is a memory lack and objects need to be freed. Define validity for a cached object by adding dependacies Attach callbacks to cached objects,so when an objects is removed from cache the callback is invoked. you can add objects to cache by adding it to cache  Dictionary Cache["Mykey"] = myObject; or using Insert method of Cache class Cache.Insert("MyKe