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Load partial page in jquery and ASP.Net MVC

In this post I will show you how much ASP.Net MVC and JQuery are making up a dangerous duet and how you can do big tasks in simple way with little efforts. We can take a look at a live example of what we will do in this post. In stackoverflow website specially users page and tags page you will find a text box to search users/tags. the page is loaded with some users info sorted with default setting. if you start to write something in that text box, the users collection will be filtered by the name you entered in ajax manner and ordered alphabetically(ascending). The issue here is how using the same piece of code that produce the whole page when it be loaded in first time to filter the users when you type some letters in the text box and update just the part that display the users data. Here the magic of ASP.Net MVC and  JQuery  come to the scene. Lets start to build our page first then start to filter our users collection. I will not show you how to create new ASP.Net MVC pr