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Fundamental components of android application

This post is a one of some posts about android platform I will write to explore this platform and learn you(and me) developing android applications for mobiles and tablets devices. You don't have to own android mobile to create android application, what is you really need is a tool (Emulator) to test and debug your application. You can refer to this post  where I showed how to prepare your machine to be able to create your android application. That post was written before releasing Ice Cream Sandwich  version (android 4.x) but it does not matter, just you should download the latest version of all tools you have to install. My reference for writing these posts is Pro Android 4 book. In this post we will explore the key components of android framework which we must understand before delving into coding process. View: views are user interface(UI) elements such as buttons, labels, text fields, or any other UI element. Views also can contain other views. Anything you see is